My name's Allie.  In early 2013, dislocated my patella building a snowman and had lots of time sitting on the couch to be on the internet.  People tell me that I'm funny or I'm good at telling stories.  Part of me thought, "Pursue a career in stand-up comedy!!"  That requires lots of work and also means lots of people need to think I'm funny.  Blogging is way easier.

So from that time until mid-2014, I used this blog to tell funny stories using words and also pictures that I drew.  It was pretty fun.  I'm proud of it.

Right now, I find that I have slightly more serious things to write about.  Still in a funny way, though, I strongly believe that everything can be humorous (especially things that happen to me).  So, yeah.

Oh, yeah, the name.  I called this blog "Challenged Times" because I have a hilariously hard time with basic human tasks sometimes.  While I do feel that my life challenges me, I'm not expressing any negative feelings.

Have fun I guess.