Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mind Blown

Everyone's got that friend who just pops up occasionally to say,
"How 'bout I blow your mind right now?"

Monday, March 18, 2013

My weekend.

The last five days have been a whirlwind of caffeine-induced work-a-holic-ing.

I could make this a long post, but I'm still recovering.  So here's every picture I would draw in one picture.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


You know how I know it's spring?

Don't be mistaken.  I'm not afraid of bugs.  Last week when I saw the first bug of spring, I was like

I know bugs are good for the environment and stuff and we would all die without them.  So it's a good thing I don't have magical powers enabling me to kill all bugs.

And then I would doom the human race.

I really don't like it when bugs are in my apartment.

Utilities are not included in rent, so we like to cool the apartment by opening bedroom windows and the front door.

The windows have screens, but the front door doesn't.

So we used the power of the internet!  We bought this screen that velcroes onto the door frame!

This way, I don't have to go crazy!

Which is good, because bugspray is hecka bad for you.

Happy Springtime!

Happy International Women's Day!

ATTENTION MEN: This post might scare some of you away.  I want you to BE STRONG.

WOMEN: Has this ever happened to you?

Or maybe it seems like this?

I'm here to tell you that there is a solution!  My friend Michelle came up with it and I hope she's okay with me using her first name!  Or is that her name?  Maybe I made one up!  You don't know!

Don't leave, yet, guys.  Allow me to articulate the many benefits to men and women with this arrangement.

Sorry, cartoon me. Isn't it annoying to be secretly freaking out because you might be bleeding through your pants and it's hecka embarrassing?  Men, did you know it's annoying to be secretly freaking out because you might be bleeding through your pants and it's hecka embarrassing?

Also, this

So, men, if you would like to help, tell all the girls you know that you now carry feminine hygiene products. They might be confused and you might be embarrassed, but can it be more embarrassing than waking up from a nap you took in public to find yourself in your own blood?!  At first, you might be "the weird guy who says he has tampons".  Then, after saving a woman from a dire emergency, you will forever be known as "the guy who saved the day".

Still not convinced?  Aren't you supposed to have some kind of women-protecting instinct?

And it doesn't have to be obvious, I recommend code words!  Everything is more fun with code words

I don't really know if this post is a good idea.  It's about 1AM and I think it sounds fantastic!
//Fantastic meaning "awesome" not fantastic meaning "it will never happen".

Friday, March 8, 2013

The other day.

I will probably write a longer post about homework sometime.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I like to sing at work.  But only when no one's around.  Or the building's closed.

One night, I'm just singing an OK Go song I'm obsessed with at the time.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


A person I do not know personally commented on this blog.

I declare myself famous!

Now all I need are some haters!

Then I'll really be famous!  And probably sad.

Monday, March 4, 2013


My brain explodes every time!
I'm going to see that movie, now.  Just like when I saw Wreck-It Ralph because Owl City wrote a song for it.


I've never really been an athletic person.  Ever.

It's just not my kind of thing.

But sports are not forgiving.

But for some reason when I was in middle school, I thought that I should find a sport.  I don't know why.  To better myself?

I know! Let's pick a sport that doesn't have something to hit me in the face!

"Allie, are you retarded?"

What a rude thing to ask, loyal reader!

But the answer is: Nope!

 The End!

//not that public education is an accurate measure of intelligence, but smaller me has been at a //college reading level since the 5th grade.