Friday, April 26, 2013

In which I try to make sense and end up confusing myself.

My most favorite movie of all time was The Shawshank Redemption.

It has all the things I like in a movie.

Why am I making BioShock references?  I don't know, it's like 3am...

Way to pick the most obvious quote in the movie, Allie.

BUT the other night I watched What's Eating Gilbert Grape and it also has all the things I like!

So, we're going to go the logical route and make a chart!

Note, this chart is just for me and my preferences.  Your weights and ratings might be different.

It's official!  What's Eating Gilbert Grape is my favorite movie!

Wait, a second...  this isn't very effective... Finding Nemo is a completely different category...

AARRRRGGHH!! I just remembered Forrest Gump!!! XP

Monday, April 22, 2013

Allie's semi-reliable relationship advice

Not that I have much dating experience, but I've observed things.  Well, a couple things.  I only really have experience with two kinds of guys.

The first is a bear trap.

Also called the fixer-upper guy.

We fall for these ones because we like making people happy.  So we're like

And we make them happy.  But that's the problem.  Now they are incapable of being happy without you.  And you know it.  My roommate has just informed me that this is called "co-dependence".

But it's too late, you're sucked in.

He gains his self-worth from you.  Sad puppies are actually

This is not healthy for anyone.  If you're smart, you'll realize that your dad is right.
Sad puppies need lives, not girlfriends.

Here's the other kind

Two people capable of being happy on their own.  Together, they take on the world!!

Notice, I didn't say anything about having things in common.  I don't know a lot about relationships, but you can have everything in common with a Sad Puppy and it's still not healthy.
Whereas with a Partner, you both have your own personalities, but when you actually care about someone, it's not hard to pick up new things.

So, guys, be willing to forgive possibly sub-par cooking skills...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Finally Finals

I'm actually doing really well.  I think I'm very prepared for finals and it will be awesome.

Gee, what an exciting post, Allie.

Fine, here's a picture of some previous semester's finals.

BUT... this summer is going to be the best summer ever!
It'll be the first summer I don't move back home.

I'm going to work a lot!

And I want to climb something... somewhere!

And I want to go to a convention with my sister and cosplay like nobody's business!

And I want to make a YouTube video... I'm not sure what picture would go with this...

And I'm going to see my brother!  And it's going to be awesome!  And I'm excited!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

In which I maybe need more friends that are people.

I live in an apartment with five other girls.  Four of us have hair-straighteners.

So, in the morning, it looks like this!

Then, by the evening, it looks like this.

And then I have a conversation with inanimate objects.

Anxiety and a well-oiled zen machine.

Yeah, I did this post before, but I'm doing it again because I think I can make it better.

I have an anxiety disorder.  Here's what that means:

At any given time, for little or no reason, I can have a mental breakdown.  If there is a reason, I will have a mental breakdown.  I feel nervous with a sense of oncoming doom and a small heart attack.

And my brain forgets how to think and it's just static up there.

My brain freaks out even if I know I can handle the situation.

And then all control is lost as I try to be invisible while making gasping noises.
Because if people notice I'm crying, that makes it even worse.

And at this point, people assume they are allowed to bother you.

Which is nice of them, I guess.  They don't know what else to do.  Not to say I don't like hugs, but no one ever seems to ask.  That's why at this point, I'm usually in a bathroom.

Also, at this point, the actual stressful situation is over.  For some reason, this causes even more crying.  I guess my brain is relieved because it thought it was going to die.

Allie, this is really sad.  I came here for humor!

Ohmagoodness, you're right!  Here's a picture of me when I listen to jazz!

Thelonious Monk, Count Basie, Wycliffe Gordon, Coltrane... they all look a lot cooler than I do in this picture... I don't know what Big Bad Voodoo Daddy looks like... :D

Anywho (is not a word, but neither is fanspectaculiousness, and I still use it), after that I generally take a nap.

And this, citizens of the internet, is not normal.  I've come a long way.  This used to happen every time something went wrong or I was nervous.  Now, it only happens once or twice a semester.  I do things like yoga, aromatherapy, and tea!  If this sounds like you, go see a doctor and try everything!  I manage without medication, but that's not true for everybody.

And now I'm a zen machine!
...most of the time ;)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

As deep as it gets.

Look at your hand.

Billions of years ago, the materials in your hand were in a star.

And then, that star exploded as it died and sent those materials out into space.

And the space dust collected together and started spinning.

And then it formed the planet you were born on.

And then you were put in charge of those materials as it formed your body.

// inspired by Doctor Who and the chapter I just read for Physical Science about stars.