Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I'm in Love. Part 2 (Actually this is a weird transition post)

Sometimes, people think of being in a relationship like this:

And they think that if the relationship is "meant to be" then you won't have problems.  If you have problems, it's taken as a sign that it just wasn't "meant to be".

I think that's utter nonsense.

Relationships are more like this:


This is what I had done for this post a couple of months ago.  This is also where I think this blog might become something different.  I'm still the derpy girl who can't bake and likes to draw and injures herself on a regular basis, freaking out and laughing all along the way, but I'm getting involved in things that I feel are very important.  I've tried to work on this post several times and it's just not happening, so I'm going to do something else with it.  It's my blog, I'm going to do whatever I want with it.  OKAY LET'S GOOOOO!!!