Monday, April 22, 2013

Allie's semi-reliable relationship advice

Not that I have much dating experience, but I've observed things.  Well, a couple things.  I only really have experience with two kinds of guys.

The first is a bear trap.

Also called the fixer-upper guy.

We fall for these ones because we like making people happy.  So we're like

And we make them happy.  But that's the problem.  Now they are incapable of being happy without you.  And you know it.  My roommate has just informed me that this is called "co-dependence".

But it's too late, you're sucked in.

He gains his self-worth from you.  Sad puppies are actually

This is not healthy for anyone.  If you're smart, you'll realize that your dad is right.
Sad puppies need lives, not girlfriends.

Here's the other kind

Two people capable of being happy on their own.  Together, they take on the world!!

Notice, I didn't say anything about having things in common.  I don't know a lot about relationships, but you can have everything in common with a Sad Puppy and it's still not healthy.
Whereas with a Partner, you both have your own personalities, but when you actually care about someone, it's not hard to pick up new things.

So, guys, be willing to forgive possibly sub-par cooking skills...